The Seattle Cyclocross Series was first established in 1990 by a core group of volunteer friends whose addiction to this style of racing forced them to seek out like minded individuals. A venue was located, flyers were posted, volunteers were recruited, and homemade numbers were pinned; the race was on.
The numbers were few in those early days yet the seed was planted and the word was out. The infectious popularity of this sport has spawned an ever growing number of race options for participants and spectators alike. Just as the sport has grown over the years so has the SCX organization.

The “work” is still strictly volunteer and most of those same original friends from 1990 are still involved, but we now have a Board of Directors. The board members represent individuals with a wide range of experiences to help broaden our scope yet retain the focus of our ultimate goal; the promotion and production of a quality Cyclocross Race Series in the Seattle area.