Here are the survey results from the 2012 season. Thank you to every one who took the survey and gave us feedback.
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Please give us some constructive criticism of our series.

The courses have been the same at most venues for years it was really nice to mix things up at places. sprinker best course reroute ever. Silver lake next year?

I don’t participate in the forum, but I read it from time to time. I feel like there is too much time spent comparing you guys to MFG, and I don’t feel like that’s the forum to do it. If you guys were to set up a race on the same day as MFG, I would choose you guys any day. For real. Keep up the good work and to hell with the whiners. And thank Fat Tire for the beer. Those beer gardens made my week.

A highlight of my year was having Dan Norton tell me that I choose the good line at Enumclaw. That was cool!

this was my first year racing cx and i had tons o’ fun. registration was simple, there was a great turnout, the courses were fun and i won beer! how can you top that?

Our team has a 1/3 higher turnout for MFG races. Why? $60 license cost to race cross hinders SCX growth. What happened to the $30 half year license at USA cycling?
MFG – Begineers race attracts new blood to competitive cycling.
Review your race day schedule. Does it attract growth or leave a mid day dead spot?

Would like to see the Jr program go from a lap even to a timed event to include timing chips. Also in case as Enumclaw where the course is changed clearer routing would be beneficial.

More ‘swag’ available for each race. Hit up local bike shops to offer up small prizes or gift certificates??? I also have heard some cat 1/2/pros were not happy w/prize money. Maybe increase that which also might attract more pro riders nationwide to come do a race or two.
A ‘national’ event. All of a sudden, there is no ‘national event’ like Starcrossed used to be. Enumclaw would be a great venue & course for a national event.

Please work hard on gaining additional sponsorship in the off season to support the season. For a series of this size, history, and noteriety…..its way behind on payout in the elite class. Furthermore, most of the races around the country have adopted equal payouts to both men and women, and their has been much promoting of this practice. Our region should be leading the way in this subject, and anything short is very sad.
I also would ask, that a couple of scx employees need to try and understand that constructive criticism is purely absorbing concerns by “the customer” and is very important. When this continues to not get addressed, things can boil over in frustrations resulting in the sit down protest at Sprinker as well as witnesses who supported their cause.
The damage that was done this year by overhearing scx employees cutting down the abilities of “our elite” riders and stating that they are not fast enough to get more money definitely was damaging and hurtful. This damage doesn’t need to be permanent and hopefully can be healed next season through some basic changes in operations and more so in scx philosophy.
We appreciate all that Dan Norton has done for SCX and the sport in our state and we wish him well. With that being said, its time for new blood to step up and we look forward to supporting SCX in doing so.

Thanks for the opportunity to fill out a survey and have a comment.

mfg is easier to get to, closer, it does not take the whole day. i wish seattle cx was like that because scx is a better managed series.

This is not criticizing, just a suggestion, MFG is proposing an all inclusive Mens’ 55+, 60+ Masters Race without cateogories. I think this was well received. I think you could add to this a Womens 35+, 45+ and 55+ masters race group and probably increase your Master Womens participation a great deal. Race length could be 40 minutes or one lap shorter than the Cat3′s. Run this race early as us Oldsters go to bed early and get up early.
We will most likely hang around to spend all of our $ with your vendors and after a few beers will talk ourselves into racing the Elite Race at 2:30…..
Thanks for your consideration, I honestly feel this would be a great improvement.

I thought it was great. I appreciated the high level of organization. I’m not a huge fan of having to buy a license to race cat 4 races and having to wait 1+ seasons to upgrade. It felt like there were a lot of Cat 4s that should have been moved up.

I love Seattle Cyclocross!
Can you dump USAC, please? They add very little value to my racing for $60. They prevent people from self-seeding in categories.

Courses this year were great! Please, try to find an alternative to 2x Steilacoom. (Marymoor aint it. Starcrossed is enough) Steilacoom v2 was the best Steilacoom course in years, but the repetitive 180s in the grass field were not needed (9min lap times!). Think: flow!

Worst course feature: the rock garden at Monroe. How many thousands of dollars worth of tires were shredded on this 20ft stretch? Most of us are not sponsored pros. Everybody could just run 40 psi, I guess. Predictable and avoidable…

I think you guys do great with course design. With all respect to MFG, who do a super job, their courses aren’t creative and fun and diverse (within a single course) like yours are. That’s not much of a criticism. Hmm. . . I might say this to be constructive: your events are all about the race, which for me is super. Great course, on time, fast reliable results. However, there’s a way in which you might inject a little gratuitous fun into the mix. I’m not sure what that means, but the six pack barriers at Enumclaw get at what I’m talking about. Something else that could be kind of cool is to do mid-race primes between tight packs of riders. You know, a race happening mid pack, that you want to throw a kind of bomb into. Make em race for something, anything, just to stir shit up. See if you can sign metropolitan market on as a sponsor and get a couple dozen turkey dinners and use those for the prime prizes. People will go have a good time with that. But all in all you guys really rocked the party. I love racing cyclocross. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and I owe it to the series you put on.

If you are not satisfied, please give us some comments/ideas/suggestions on the Race Day Schedule.

marymoor was the best race. steilicoom is boring and has been done to death. start the season later in the year, so we get some mud.

I race Cat 3 35+, which is the last wave of the race of the day. Racing last year after year is kind of a bummer. It would be nice to mix up the schedule at the start of the year so that different groups get different course conditions. I suppose I’ll be moving up to 45+ at some point, so I’ll be at a different time slot :)

1. Break the group the larger groups in half! Racing with so many people at one time is becoming dangerous.
2. Have an etiquette class before the race open to beginners.
3. Have the 1/2 go last. Why the 3′s they want to watch and can’t because they are warming up.

My only complaint is the extreme separation of the two mens 55+ race categories. In all honesty, its seems very short sighted for you to take a group (all the 55+ men) split them in half and separate their races by 4 or 5 hours.

Please put all of us together in one race group, or at least back to back races. We would be more apt to carpool (parking) and maybe spend $ with your vendors if we raced earlier than 2:30. We are by far the highest income group, but I never got a chance to sample any of the fare as vendors were always shut down by the time I was finished racing around 3:30 or 4:00pm.

Still do not get why the Elites are racing on the easy early course and 55+ cat3 cardiac patients racing the torture course, not that I mind, its all good, but seems a little odd…..

I’m sure this is hard to schedule, but my husband races Cat 4 and I race Cat 3 and those are too far apart in the schedule for us to go with our son. So we’d end up driving back and forth twice (he’d go race, come back home, then I’d go race). Also, the kiddie races (in both series, but it’s worse in MFG) are kind of near nap time.

Please, please, please do something different for 55+ riders next season

MFG is going to have a 40-minute race for all 55+ riders next season — Cats 1-4 — and all the riders are psyched.

I am Cat 2 but can’t really compete well with the Cat 2 45+ riders. In MFG, I was one of just three Cat 1/2 55+ riders and that was not much fun either.

All the Cat 1/2 55+ riders are now downgrading (or at least racing down) so they can be in a decent sized field of people their own age.

Please do what MFG is doing next season — everyone would love an open 55+ race. Throw us in with single speeders if you like. That way, you could respond to Dan’s objection to “1/2s in a 3s race, or 3s in a 1/2 race.”

Otherwise, love the series and everything you guys do to make is a so awesome.

I would love to see a time slot for women only. Yes all categories. They deserve it.

Too many people whine about sandbaggers. How about running cat 1/2 and 3 together. 45/50/60 min doesn’t really matter. Most riders race longer road or mtb races in summer anyways. Start cat 1/2 one min ahead of cat 3. One time slot for open, one for 40+ or 45+ (35+ doesn’t really make sense. Nys is 36. Q.E.D.), one for single speed. All cat 4s at o-dark-thirty, no call-ups. No or minimal prizes for cat 3, 4. People will WANT to move up.

Don’t get hung up on tradition.

combine 35 and 45′s race times; cat 4 9:30, Cat 3 10:20. consider splitting SS into open and 40+ and then racing elite men and open SS at end of day and throwing 40+SS with Cat 3 35 and 45’s at 10:20..

Putting the elites in the middle makes the day too long. The current schedule is why our whole team voted and supported MFG 100% and only a few we’re at SCX. Twenty five at MFG, four at SCX. The schedule is HUGE !

First, before I get into constructive criticism, I want to say that you guys have done a really good job. I know it’s hard to find venues and you’ve done an amazing job making good coursers out of difficult venues. I applaud this. The following constructive criticism is pie in the sky – I can dream kind of stuff.

I think venues that challenge all skill types are best. I’d like to see more obstacles that force everyone- regardless of handling skills – off of their bikes. I’d like to see more courses that challenge all CX racing skills – bike handling, dismount, carry and remount, running, strength and power, cardio peak and recovery.

I thought Enumclaw was really good because there were 4 barriers in a row forcing dismount – run and remount, (I know one guy did bunny hop all theses but he got no advantage from it – just show), a really serious run-up and some technical single track. But additionally there was a very steep short ride up testing strength, a good section of straight flat where raw power was the post important part. The second time at Steilacoom also did well in this department. Particular setting a power up hill directly after the run up first tested cardio peak with the run up, then tested cardio recovery followed by a raw power test on the hill. The subsequent single track was more technical than it looked and bike handling experts got an advantage there, on the down hill and the grassy chicanes.

Conversely Silver lake is an entirely technical course. The sand is ridable if you weigh less than 150 lb and are good in sand, so it is an obstacle for some and not for others. The course is hilly and turny so bike handling experts feel at home while the other CX skills are not tested. Likewise, Arlington had to many straight flat sections allowing big power guys to go like mad, and left the bike handling experts a little behind.

I was having a discussion with Terry from MFG about some people’s take on some MFG courses and I mentioned Road guys and MTN guys. Terry said “What’s a road guy? What’s a Mountain guy? We make CX courses.” I think this is a really good point. I do not advocate making CX into MTN bike light, as I seem to hear many asking for. I would like to see CX courses testing all the CX skills.

I hope this helps. I have really enjoyed the season and appreciate all you do.

Not personally, but my wife and other female teammates have complained about racing w/ the men. Apparently there are plenty of dick heads out there acting like a-holes.

Comments: Sequencing of Cat 4 to Cat 3 fields at opposite ends of the day made SCX incompatible with team dynamics for us. We heard this from other teams as well. Our team is largely composed of Cat 4′s and Cat 3′s, and asking those racing at one end of the schedule to get there six hours before their race, or stick around six hours after to cheer on teammates a task too tall. As a result, most of our team limited themselves to MFG races as their scheduling was more conducive to us hanging out as a team while not spending 7-8 hours at a bike race.

Suggestion: Either move Cat 3 races or Cat 4 races, so as to be more compatible with the natural tendency for teams be composed of racers of similar-ish ability.

It would be great if the women’s fields raced together. Many of the women carpool together and like to give other fields on their team support and encouragement. It would would be extremely helpful if the women could all race at the same time to encourage camaraderie…and who knows, it could get more women out who, especially those who aren’t fond of racing with the men (intimidation and such).

I raced the MFG series this year and was totally disappointed with their courses. They did not fit my style of riding. I will not race their series next season. I will probably race the Cascade series instead.