As a direct result of feedback from the Seattle CX community we have decided to reinstate the Seattle CX forum.
Facebook and twitter have become strongly established brands in their own right but we agree with you guys that we actually like the forum better.

We now have control of the site, we will never use "spyware", and it has more of a hometown feel. Remember that everyone enjoys a little smack talk now and again but nobody wants to see personal attacks or true trash talk. Keep it clean, touch gloves (or texting fingers), return to a neutral corner, count to 10, and take two deep breathes before pressing send, and let the games commence!

The Seattle CX races will continue to be a USA Cycling (USAC) and Washington State Bicycle Association (WSBA) sanctioned event series. All racers will have to purchase a 2012 USA Cycling Annual/Daily License in order to compete in our races.

The nominal fee for this license gives you more than the obvious "permission to ride". It also gives you: member benefits with 50+ affiliated partners, additional medical insurance coverage for treatment resultant from participation in a USA Cycling event, a national governing body to regulate and designate racer categories, organizational support of an annual National Championship race, and most importantly to us…a portion of all licenses paid within the state will go directly to the WSBA.
This funding to the WSBA is an important component to their continued success and organizational viability.

The WSBA is the governing body of bicycle racing in the state of Washington and without their behind the scenes work the local racing scene and calendar would be far sparser than it is today. The main objective of the WSBA is to improve and promote bicycle racing. A few key things that they do are listed here:

  • Provide radio communications between race support vehicles, emergency support, staff, and officials.
  • Improved safety for the riders – course warning signs and vehicle signage and lights.
  • Better, more accurate, timely results – photo finish camera.
  • Ease race promoter event management – offer all race equipment at one location.
  • Lower race costs, both for promoters and racers.
  • Manage and negotiate legal changes that may hurt or ban racing.
  • Organize, coordinate, and distribute the statewide calendar of race events.
  • Periodic distribution of important information, promotional flyers, and results.

The WSBA is our local cycling resource center and they have earned our respect and deserve our support. The WSBA co-ordinates schedules, provides equipment, schedules officials and generally makes the sport of cycling in Washington easier. Part of the fees that we pay to the USAC help the WSBA function and without them the typical race day would be much more challenging for promoters and racers alike. We are happy to continue our strong relationship with the USAC & the WSBA through 2012 and beyond.

Here are the tentative dates for our 7 race 2012 schedule, venue information will of course be provided as permits are issued, checks are written, and authorization given. Please stay tuned here for all future updates.

September 16th and 30th , October 14th and 28th, and November 4th,18th, and 25th.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact any member of the SCX board, head over to the contact page and you will find individual email addresses.

Cheers to a great season!