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1. If you are in the results file twice (in the same race) please keep the number issued to you at Steilacoom and toss any other numbers you have.

We will combine your points if they have been split over two different bib numbers and delete the number issued to you for Wk 1

Keep your RFID tag

2. If your bib number has a letter after it like (503a) please get a new bib number at your next race and toss the one with the letter after it.

It means we have two racers with the same number in the same race.

3. 1:30 Race Master 3 45+
We robbed Steven Brady of a lap in the Master3 45+ race and placed him last. He is fifth upon returning his lap. Steven is fifth and everyone after 5th moves down a place.

Thank you Racers for a great day of racing.