SCX Registration

Click Here to Register

First, click the above button!
It will take you to USACycling’s website!


Start the registration process by clicking the “Sign In” button in the upper right-hand part of the screen.
Sign in to your account, if you have one. Create an account, if you do not already have one.
After signing in, the “stay here” option keeps you at the SCX registration page. The system displays the races for which you are eligible to enter. “Check” the box for the race you want, then click “next” at the bottom of the screen. Follow the on-line directions

Signing up for a Season Pass:

Season passes are available for all categories.You get seven races for the price of six.
Season Passes are only available online. Look for them in the registration section for the September 16th race.
Second race per day, everyone: $10

Season Passes

(7 races for the price of 6) will be available for purchase on-line:
Category: Pro 1 and 2 races, men and women: $180
All other adult races: $150
Junior races: $60

Category Pre-Reg Day of Race
PRO 1 / 2 Men or Women $30 $35
All Others $25 $30
Juniors $10 $15


Signing up for an individual race:

Register on-line all season for any of the SCX events. Sign up on-line and save $5 over the day-of-race entry fee.

Online Registration Closes:

Registration for season passes and for the September 16 race closes at 10:00 pm on Wednesday September 12.

Registration for the rest of the races closes the Thursday night before the race weekend, and reopens the Monday morning after each race weekend.


Racing licenses:

All riders in the Category 1, 2, and 3 races are required to have a current annual racing license.
Buy it on-line at if you can, or at our races. Cost: adults $60, juniors $30.
Only riders in the Category 4 races (men and women in all age groups,and boys and girls in the Junior races at 11:15) and riders in the single-speed races are eligible to purchase a 1-day license, which is available with on-line registration or at the races. USA Cycling automatically adds the 1-day license for unlicensed
riders preregistering for the Category 4, Junior, or single-speed races.The cost for a 1-day license is $10.

Racing twice in a day:

If you want to do a second race in a day, do not preregister for the second race. Instead, sign up in person on race day for the discount price of $10 for your second race.

Packet pick up:

]If you preregister for the September 16 race (or buy a season pass), pick up you packet at the registration desk on September 16. Your packet contains your hip number, shoulder number, and timing chip.

Preregistration check-in:

Scan your timing chip at the special sensor on the preregistration table, and you are good to go and ready to race!

Registering on-line and signing the on-line waiver means that your license is automatically checked (no need to show it at the race) and your waiver is on file (no need to turn one in at the race). Except juniors—Juniors, you still need to submit a waiver signed by a parent/guardian. Just turn in a waiver when you scan your timing chip at the check-in desk.


Here are some answers to some questions you might have.

Question: why don’t all the categories show up when I log in to preregister?
[text size=12 color=#ffffff]The USA Cycling registration system is tied in with your racing license (or lack of license), and displays only the categories that you are eligible to enter based upon your category (1-2-3-4), age (10-18, 19-34, etc.), and gender (M,F). For example, a man who is age 37 with a Category 3 license will see that he is limited to entering the Mens Category 3 race, Men’s Category 3 age 35+ race, and the Men’s single-speed race.[/text]
Question, what if I want to enter a race that does not show up?
[text size=12 color=#ffffff]For example, if you are a Category 4 man who wants to enter the Category 3 race, you must upgrade first.[/text]
Question: can I race two classes at the same time?
[text size=12 color=#ffffff]No. Even though the system might let you sign up for them, do not do it. Example: a 60-year-old Category 3 man could sign up for the 2:30 Men’s Category 3 age 35+ race and the 2:30 Men’s Category 3 age 55+ race, which start a few minutes apart. Do not do it. Pick one or the other.[/text]